A corn is like a callous that forms on the toes. Unlike a blister filled with fluid, a corn is a patch of thick skin that develops on the tops or sides of your toes, or even in-between. This is your body’s normal reaction when it experiences too much friction. To protect itself, your body literally develops a “thick skin.” The area will generally feel numb, but in some cases inflammation might develop, leaving your toes sensitive and tender.

Soaking your feet in warm water or Epsom salts will speed the healing along, and it will also probably feel pretty good. But the main thing you need to do to get your toes back into shape is to eliminate the friction that caused corns in the first place. By switching to a shoe that supports your toes but gives them plenty of breathing room, your corns will vanish quickly.

Whether you’re working, playing, or exercising, your shoes should never cause friction and discomfort with normal wear. If you are repeatedly developing corns, this is a good sign that your shoes are not fitting you properly. In a sense, it’s your body’s way of telling you that it’s unhappy with the footwear you’ve been wearing, and the time has come to switch to a shoe designed to make you feel great.

The most important element to great footwear is fit. You should always feel supported but not pinched. There should be enough room for your toes to wiggle around without strain or discomfort, yet the shoe should not be so loose that friction is created when you walk. In addition to checking in with your measurements from time to time to make sure you’re the size you think you are, let your comfort be the ultimate guide when determining if a shoe and size are right for you.

Across Ascent’s entire range of shoes, from duty to school to workboots to trainers, you’ll find state of the art footwear tech that properly molds to the shape of your foot, supporting you from heel to toe, and comforting you with shock-absorbing cushioning. That perfect balance of structure and softness is what makes for a great fit. Your corns will be history.

But what happens when one foot is slightly larger than the other? Many people develop corns because they are only wearing the correct size for one of their feet! Ascent has recently come up with an ingenious common sense solution to this issue. With our new IIFit program, you can always get the exact perfect size for each foot, even if they are different sizes. Mix and match sizes of any IIFit pair for the same price as a normal pair. We have a feeling there are probably going to be a lot fewer corns in the world.

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