One of the areas in the body that are very sensitive to the effects of diabetes are the feet. If blood is not flowing freely, the feet can become tender or even numb. Athlete’s foot, ingrown toenails, bunions, or hammer toes are more likely to develop. But all of these symptoms can be stopped in their tracks with a new generation of footwear, designed with the diabetic in mind.

One of the most important factors every diabetic should look for in a shoe is breathability. Materials that wick away moisture and diminish heat not only enhance comfort, they make the shoe a very inhospitable place for bacteria and the infections it can cause.

A great fit is also very important. The foot should be supported and cushioned but not squeezed. There should be room for air to circulate, but not so much that you’re slipping around in there and susceptible to small injuries. Let your toes wiggle around with plenty of room to stretch and avoid chafing, pinching, or blistering. A lot of stitching and seams on the interior of a shoe can also be irritating and should be avoided. A stiff and durable outsole can protect you from the elements and terrain, and give you the liberty to go wherever you want to go without worry.

Ascent is proud to make walking shoes with diabetics in mind that make working, playing, and just plain living easier and more fun. The Geelong Plus for men and Avara Plus for women start with wide and deep designs that let your feet breathe, encouraging maximum circulation. Outlast mesh evenly distributes heat and keeps bacteria out. We call these shoes “Diabetic Friendly,” because they have absolutely no stitching or seams on the inner lining. It’s extreme comfort with no rough edges whatsoever. Insulon cushioning combines with midfoot and heel stabilisers to protect you from injury before it happens, no matter where you go. Hook-and-Loop strap fasteners will help you adjust to the ideal fit, and you can use the groundbreaking IIFit ordering system if you need to get the perfect size for each foot.

Prevent injury and irritation before it happens, while promoting healthy circulation in a dry, breathable environment – that’s a feel-good recipe for total freedom and flexibility.

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