Ascent is an athletic footwear brand, engineered in Australia. We have an exclusive relationship with The Athlete’s Foot and stand for family values and needs, providing quality footwear at an affordable price.

As an Australian footwear company, we are concerned about the development of children’s feet. We value research, development and engaging with the medical community to provide high quality supportive footwear. We advocate education to promote foot health and safety. As part of our social responsibility we offer free educational lessons for school children. Most people are not aware that adult foot ailments frequently have their origins in childhood. Neglecting foot health also invites problems in other parts of the body such as the legs and back.

Through our school education program and participation in the community we hope many ailments suffered by the next generation will be diminished.


The transition to school can be a complex journey, with many new experiences and challenges to face. Ascent has designed the School Ready Program to prepare students for their first step into a school shoe. This 30-minute lesson covers important foot health information in a fun and practical way for early childhood classes. Delivered in kindergarten and child care centres, this fun incursion prepares students for life in the school yard, an environment where correct footwear is an essential part of every day. Our School Ready Program addresses three key learning outcomes appropriate for shoes, making the transition to school that little bit easier.


Lace Tying Lesson

Ascent offers FREE shoe lace tying lessons for the early grades of school. This fun and interactive lesson guides the students through the nine steps of tying shoe laces until they are able to master the task and independently tie their own. Each child is presented with an achievement certificate.



As Leonardo da Vinci said, ‘the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art’. The Ascent foot health lesson explores the engineering of the human foot and addresses the importance of wearing correctly fitting footwear. Using contemporary fitting technology and specially designed training aides, students are given the opportunity to discover their own work of art.


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