When talking about healthy, happy feet, there’s no more sensitive topic than the heel. Yes, thicker skin means it’s not that ticklish (for some people!), but otherwise the heel often suffers the worst of the stresses we put on our feet.

Those pains we all feel in our heels from time to time, both dull and sharp, have many possible causes. Just slamming your heel against pavement while exercising can cause bruising and swelling. But even if you haven’t stepped on a basketball court in years, everyday tightness in the tendons and ligaments connecting to the heel can cause tears and inflammation. People whose jobs keep them on their feet all day might experience this kind of soreness, which is absolutely no fun when you’re working. The bones themselves can also create discomfort – heel spurs are tiny bone fragments that jut painfully into nearby tissue.

What’s the common thread in all of these sensitive heels? Every single injury is either caused or exacerbated by wearing badly fitting or poorly designed footwear. That’s actually good news, because it means you have the power to ease this pain and even prevent it before it happens. It’s as simple as picking out the right pair of shoes.

Protecting your heels is a priority at Ascent. That’s why you’ll find cutting edge heel support and cushioning in every single shoe we make. Cup insoles and crib stabilizers will align the foot properly, supporting the arch and preventing undue tension throughout the foot. Then, firm heel counters prevent sudden heel stress, control over- pronation, and help you achieve a natural, strong gait.

Our workboots are made to give you super-sized support no matter where your job takes you. The thermoplastic heel counters and Poron and Insulon heel cushioning in boots like the Alpha and Oxide will help prevent injuries.

We know a day at the office or school can feel just as intense as the toughest field work, so duty shoes like the Elite and school shoes like the Apex are built with the same hardcore protection and cushioning as our workboots.

If you’re a runner, giving your arches strong support and keeping heels stable will lessen those repetitive strikes. When you run in the Kinetic of the Swift, incredible midfoot stabilisers and intense heel cushioning combine to evenly distribute weight.

Heel pain does not have to be a part of your everyday life. Even if you’ve been living with it for a while, simple changes like the shoes on your feet can have a dramatic effect. Whether you’re working or playing, walking is supposed to feel good. It’s what your feet were designed to do.

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