The modern workboot requires everything a traditional shoe provides, but at industrial strength: protection, support, flexibility, durability, grip, and style. It takes a pair of seriously tough hombres on the feet to handle work environments ranging from construction sites to mining operations to mountaintops. Your workboot needs to be able to tackle every setting with power, giving you the sense of security to focus on doing your job.

Don’t be fooled by the rugged exterior – the workboot of today is a triumph of engineering and design, tricked out in every conceivable way to guarantee safety and strength. Once upon a time all a workboot needed was a steel toe. But just as that famous toe protection has moved into new and powerful non-metal forms, workboots now incorporate cutting edge technology into every step.

Yes, some things are timeless, like a full leather upper that wears beautifully for years to come. But inside you’ll now find thermoplastic polyurethane heel counters molded to the shape of the foot for maximum support. Crib midfoot stabilisers provide multi-directional arch support. Polyurethane midsoles ward off static as well as provide excellent shock absorption, while high performance, anti-fungal cushioning makes those long hours on your feet a lot easier to stand. And breathable high-tech fabrics keep those feet nice and dry. It’s quite a package.

Ascent has put together a brilliant line of a dozen workboots that hit all these marks and more. Check out the long list of innovations and see how far the workboot has evolved. The lightweight Oxide has a mindblowing level of grip, with a 300 degree Celcius nitrile rubber outsole. There aren’t too many places on Earth hotter than that. And they’re steel-free, so you can easily get through all the airports between here and those hot places.

Sometimes workboots have to act as shields. In boots like the Gamma, anti-ballistic technology does what the name implies. Anything flying at this boot from air or land won’t be getting to know you. Not nails, sharp objects… nothing’s getting through this boot, no matter how tough the environment.

An heroic jobs deserve heroic boots. First responders are often in high intensity, unpredictable environments. Their footwear not only protects them from the elements, like water, mud, or even electrical current, but also allows workers to fearlessly venture further, higher, and faster than they’d be able to go otherwise. The boot on their feet can add a critical time difference that will save lives. The Rescue One was designed with this in mind. Tall zip inserts get them on and off in a flash. The flexible upper sleeve, water resistant body, and moisture wicking interior provide maximum protection and versatility.

The Sigma looks like a workboot on the outside but feels like a state-of-the-art running shoe, with a fantastic suite of cushion, support, stability and durability. Try them on and you’ll see that these aren’t workboots… they’re warriors.

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