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You can share your love of the Ascent Footwear brand and tailor your offering and content to your specific audience, whether it be men, women or kids, or a particular category such as Walking or Safety.



Who We're After

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Ascent Ambassadors

Do you already wear Ascent and want to shout us out? Let us know!

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Content Creators

Do you have a strong community base on social media - Facebook, Instagram, or Blogs? Reach out today!

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Key Leaders

Are you a leader in your industry, focusing on areas like Podiatry, Physio, Nursing or even a Professional Athlete? We'd love to hear from you!



How It Works

At Ascent, we want to work with like-minded, innovative creators who can help us tell our story.

Once you've registered your interest, we'll reach out to you to discuss what kind of experience would fit your platform.

As a member of the Ascent influencer family, you'll receive exclusive rewards and offers including access to new product launches, collaborative giveaways and being featured in our emails or website.



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