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Whether it’s girls or boys school shoes, you can rely on Ascent’s Sports Shoe Technology to provide all day comfort and support. Your child will love our hard wearing black leather school shoes.

Your child will wear their school shoes on average for over 1500 hours per year, jumping, kicking and running around on hard flat surfaces. Therefore, it is important that their school shoes are providing just as much cushioning and support as their sports shoes. Considering the amount of activity children get up to, and their still developing physical structure, they need good footwear more so than adults.

Our school shoes come in a variety of widths, from the narrowest feet in a 2A width to the widest of feet a 4E and a variety from a Junior 9 up to US Men's 16, including half sizes. Not only is width and size important, but we also offer a range of different toe shapes in our formal school styles to ensure the perfect fit. Ascent school shoes are the only school shoes endorsed by The Australasian Podiatry Council. Our shoes are often referred by health professionals to their patients, as they are orthotic friendly, flex in the right place and provide the correct amount of support and cushioning for growing feet.

Ascent is a proven, innovative Australian born and bred footwear brand. Ascent started with a sporting shoe heritage and has taken this technology into categories of footwear that have not previously had this type of comfort and support; School, Work, Safety and Recovery. Ascent works very closely with special interest groups along with Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Amputee & Diabetes associations to make sure our footwear yields therapeutic benefits or aids in the management or prevention of various foot ailments.