The good news is, you’re growing! The evidence is right there on your own two feet. It can seem like kids hit a new shoe size every week! And along with those amazing growth spurts, sometimes the body experiences a few growing pains along the way. Sever’s Disease is a very common ailment resulting from extra stress on growing feet. As young bones mature and cartilage and tendons race to keep up, the heel can become less flexible and tight through the Achilles tendon. Heavy physical activity can cause painful, invisible inflammation.

As if puberty wasn’t confusing enough, it’s prime time for Sever’s, as growth spurts between the ages of 8 and 15 set the stage for some very unhappy heels. Unfortunately, this condition is commonly caused by all of the things kids love to do – sports, jumping, running around – any activity that stresses out the heel can cause internal swelling which results in tenderness and pain. Running or even walking can become painful. That’s no fun.

Luckily, with the right support, the effects of Sever’s Disease can be easily reduced, and playtime can proceed as planned. The right footwear can ensure that nothing will keep a growing kid off the playground.

Protecting, cushioning, and supporting the heel is priority one when it comes to preventing and defeating Sever’s. A heel counter wraps around and literally moulds to the back of the foot, making a stable basis for young feet to launch from. Shock-absorbing midsoles with strong arch support can really take the bite out of a kid’s pounce, and deflect a lot of the stress going to the heel. Extra cushioning in the heel stops trauma before it happens, providing a springy wall of defense between tender feet and the pavement.

Ascent’s complete line of school shoes have been designed to prevent and treat this childhood foot malady with cutting edge design and technology built into every shoe. Whether they are meeting the requirements of a school dress code, or just playing in the neighborhood, your child will find shoes that take the pressure off and promote healthy growth.

Boys – and their feet – will love the Apex Max’s Insulon cushioning and the Crusade’s thermoplastic heel counter. The Cluster 2 and Defender look and feel like fast and fun athletic shoes, but they are also built to ease and support the needs of growing feet, with strong heel support. Girls can check out the outstanding midsole stability and heel protection of the Adiva and Endura.

No one said growing up would be a walk in the park. But Sever’s Disease is an easily treatable, totally normal phenomenon which will go away with time and the proper footwear choices. Children of the world, don’t sweat it!

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