Getting into a great headspace actually starts down at the toes. You’ll find every kind of activity throughout the school day, from walking to jumping to just plain sitting. The perfect shoe not only meets your school’s dress code, but with energy and style, gives your mind the room to do what it was made for: learn.

There is nothing more important in a school shoe than comfort. Long hours sitting at desks can decrease circulation and stiffen joints. You really want at least some of the blood to get up to your brain.Don’t let achy or stiff feet get in the way. Throughout the entire Ascent school shoe range, you’ll find the kind of cushioning younger feet require and mature feet love. Polyurethane insoles and Insulon foam absorb shock and create a feeling of ease, even when sitting in a chair trying to figure out a mathequation. And being that it’s unlikely you’ll take your shoes off during the long school day, highly breathable materials are awesome at keeping odor and bacteria away.

Stability in the foot can give students more than a quick step getting from class to class. A stable stance is the foundation of excellent posture, which is of vital importance for a lifetime of overall health in all parts of the body. Look for terrific midsole support with nylon shanks like in the Apex and Cluster 2. A thermoplastic polyurethane heel counter will support the ankle and heel, as in the outstanding Scholar, which also has a strong midfoot stabiliser to help over-pronators.

No matter what age, students are famously tough ontheir shoes. Whether it’s the growth spurts, the unplanned excursions into muddy playgrounds, or just the normal scuffing from roaming the halls, school shoes seem to take a lot of abuse. That’s why you want maximum durability from the start.

Ascent’s full grain leather uppers will look and feel great, while perpetual rubber outsoles are so durable they come with a 6 month wear guarantee, which is practically forever in schoolkid time.

Let’s be honest. When it comes to real school life, the number one thing you’re looking for in a shoe is style. That’s way Ascent has a large range of Black Formal School shoes in many styles, widths and sizes. You can express yourself with a shoe that really fits your personality (and feet) whilst adhering to the uniform policy.

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