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Our walking and hiking shoes blend style with performance, offering comfort and durability for any adventure.

Engineered with Kinetic Matrix Technology and waterproof designs, they’re the perfect travel partner for all types of terrains.

Tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, these shoes feature multi-density cushioning and superior support, ensuring your feet stay comfortable during any activity or walking distance.



Our Technology


Day strolls, long hikes, and mountain climbs for those epic views just got comfier, with sports shoe cushioning to rival the best!

Thanks to our lugged outsole design, you'll be confident in every step, which is unique to our walking shoes. 

Our walking range also features the unique Kinetic Matrix Technology, layers of unique tech that only select Ascent shoes can provide.

This revolutionary feature has layers of innovative tech, providing it with the unique ability to align the foot whilst enhancing the efficiency of your gait and reducing fatigue, wrapping your foot in supportive and responsive comfort.

Hiking Shoe Features



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Stratus Wide (E) White (Female/Senior)

Stratus Wide (E)

Stratus  Tartan (Female/Senior)


Stratus Zip  Black/Gold (Female/Senior)

Stratus Zip

Vision Zip (2E) Walnut (Male/Senior)

Vision Zip (2E)


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