Get Into The Groove


Our Groove arch support thongs can provide pain relief and enhanced support for sore feet.
The top footbed layer provides cushioning and naturally shapes to your foot whilst the firm layer underneath helps foot posture and relieves strain through an elevated heel.


groove tech


The uniquely designed 'Groove' provides relief for people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

With built-in orthotic arch support and sports shoe cushioning, the Groove range sets a new benchmark in after-sport recovery and everyday footwear.

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Groove Wide  Black (Female/Senior)

Groove Wide

Groove  Silver (Female/Senior)


Groove  White (Female/Senior)


Groove  Tan (Male/Senior)



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Triathlete Testimonials

The Groove's that I wear to and from training plus around the house ensure my feet stay happy when it's finally relaxing time. With arch support and more foam between the foot and ground, I'm getting less of the foot issues I've historically been plagued with.


As a podiatrist, I see first-hand the importance of wearing sensible footwear every day. And, being an athlete, I know my feet are very grateful for the extra support and comfort after big days of training.


These are life-changing! I'm even wearing them around the house they feel so comfortable. I've had a bout of Extensor Tendonitis over the past few weeks and they really take the pressure off and allow me to walk pain-free.

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