3 Checks When Buying Kids Formal School Shoes

What To Look For In School Shoes

Kids spend over 1,500 hours in their formal school shoes every year! This means a lot of consideration needs to be placed into the features of children’s formal black leather shoes when heading back to school.

Sports shoes usually have a big focus on the latest cushioning and technical features, and formal shoes should be no different!

When deciding on what brand of school shoes to pick for your kids this Back to School, we have 3 important checks you can perform on your kid’s shoe:


1. Make sure the shoe has a firm heel counter

Press into the heel with your thumb – it should be firm and not fold in. The heel counter is designed to hold the foot securely in place. You need firm support around the ankle in order to support your feet!

2. Make sure the shoe bends in the right place

When squeezing both ends of the shoe together, the shoe should bend where your foot also naturally does – at the toes. The shoe needs to work with the foot, and if it bends in the middle this can cause extra stress underneath the foot.

3. Make sure the shoe has minimal twist

If you hold both ends of the shoe and twist in opposite directions, there should be minimal movement. Torsional stability protects the foot from rolling in or out too far. This also means your kids can safely run in their shoes (as we know they love to do!)


Use these tips and tricks to get back to school ready and help find the perfect formal school shoes for your kids!


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