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Colour: Deep Ocean, SKU: 129715


Width: C (Standard)
Product Details

The Stratus Deep Ocean is a dark navy blue colourway in our best-selling sneaker style. This model provides incredible comfort with multiple cushioning layers underneath super-soft calf leather and breathable lining. This stand-out kick also has a durable, slip-resistant SRC-rated outsole that provides firm footing, whatever the task or terrain.


Safety Standards

  • SRC: Slip Resistant with Oil on Metal, and with Water on Tiles

    Benefit: Provides sufficient slip resistance to prevent a fall when working on a low friction surface such as oil spilled on metal, or on soapy wet tiles. This is the highest level of slip resistance.

    What is it: Australian Standards 2210.3:2019 Additional Classification. Glycerol (oil) on steel floor test. Slip resistance coefficient only heel contact is > 0.13, and slip resistance coefficient with whole shoe flat contact is > 0.18. SLS (soapy water) solution on ceramic tile test. Slip resistance coefficient only heel contact is > 0.28, and slip resistance coefficient with whole shoe flat contact is > 0.32. Slip Resistant with Oil on Metal, and with Water on Tiles.

    Where is it: Outsole



    Benefit: Achieves the highest slip resistance rating (water on tile and oil on metal).

    What is it: Trilateral grip tread pattern, incorporating deep channels to maximise surface contact in slippery conditions.

    Where is it: On the bottom of the shoe where it contacts the ground.


  • Arch Support Insole (PU)

    Benefit: Arch support insole with increased arch support and more cushioning. Longer lasting than other insole materials. Removable, and so able to be replaced with orthotics if needed.

    What is it: Polyurethane sponge formed to cup around the heel and under the arch (thicker under the arch than our normal arch support insole providing more support).

    Where is it: Inside the shoe, directly under the foot.


    Benefit: Provides great energy return over a long period, so that the spring stays in your step no matter how far you walk or run.

    What is it: Bouncy elastic sponge material.

    Where is it: Mostly used in the midsole (for a limited number of styles), or the insole.

  • POLIMAX® Strobel

    Benefit: Cushions and protects the area directly underneath the foot. Assists in keeping the foot cool, and controlling sweat.

    What is it: Open cell soft urethane foam.

    Where is it: Stitched to the upper underneath the insole.


  • Encapsulated Dual Density

    Benefit: Achieves the perfect balance of soft cushioning and firm support in a lightweight and slimline midsole.

    What is it: Moulded EVA that is soft in the middle for a plush feeling underfoot. This is encapsulated in a very firm outer layer that wraps up the side of the upper, ensuring the foot does not move around excessively inside the shoe.

    Where is it: Full length midsole. The firm layer curves under the medial arch for additional support.

  • ExoFrame

    Benefit: Supports the ankle and holds the heel firmly in place, providing excellent stability when the foot first strikes the ground. A firm heel counter is essential for fundamental support and stability.

    What is it: Rigid plastic material that is shaped to match the contours of your heel.

    Where is it: Inside the upper part of the shoe, surrounding the back and sides of the heel.

  • Nylon Shank

    Benefit: Supports the arch area of the foot, and prevents the shoe from bending in the wrong place (in the middle of the shoe). The shoe should naturally bend across the joints in the forefoot region.

    What is it: A hardened nylon piece.

    Where is it: Placed internally (in the sole) in the arch area of the shoe.


  • DRILEX® Lining

    Benefit: Wicks sweat away from the foot, and its anti-bacterial properties control odour inside the shoe.

    What is it: Specially treated textile lining (patented technology by DRILEX).

    Where is it: Inside the upper of the shoe. The lining is the part of the upper that is closest to the foot.

  • Free Fit Lacing™

    Benefit: Adjustability of fit around the forefoot for a perfect custom fit.

    What is it: A floating eyeletstay (lacing area) construction that is not directly stitched to the vamp.

    Where is it: On the upper of the shoe, in the forefoot near the first hole where the shoelaces begin.

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