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Post Sport Footwear for Recovery and Pain Relief

Oct 15, 2020


One of our best shoe recommendations as the mercury rises is our Groove thong. More than just a thong the Groove is the perfect after work or post sports shoe solution that’s a step above the 'good ol’Aussie’ thong.


 Let’s break it down:

  1. Expertly designed dual-density midsole and dimensions shape the Groove.

  2. Soft EVA top layer providing instant relief and cushioning that will mold to the shape of your feet over time.


Groove Thong for Tired Sore Feet Plantar Fasciitis Footwear

Designed with recovery in mind


Designed with recovery in mind the Groove is the ultimate footwear option after kicking off those heels, runners, or enclosed footwear. As feet fatigue, the arch tends to flatten, the ankle rolls in causing swelling and pain. Wearing open-air footwear that elevates the heel and takes the pressure off your feet will help relieve any preexisting plantar fascia, heel related, or arch pain issues. The Groove is designed as an orthotic thong meaning it’s lightweight, breathable, and aids in taking the pressure of Achilles and plantar fascia. 


The second bottom layer is a firmer base. It’s the combination of the two layers giving you a sturdy foundation not seen in the everyday flip-flop. You’ll also notice thongs are flat whereas the Groove has an elevated heel. This lift allows the muscles and tendons in the calf complex to relax more easing tension and strain. The visible arch support in the Groove prevents the foot from rolling in. This combined with the unique plantar fascia groove forming the sole equals superior pressure relief footwear, the contour of the Groove reduces pressure underneath the foot.


The Groove is a footwear solution for sports recovery, injury recovery, feet stressed from a long day standing at work.


Benefits of Groove Plantar Fasciitis Footwear Sport Recovery 


The Groove Collection


The Groove now comes as a slider and the collection colour range includes Groove Tan, navy, black, sport for men and white, red, caramel, silver stripe, sport, and black for ladies.  Sizes for women range from US 6 to 11, and US 7 to 14 for men.


Relief for Tired Feet Groove Colour Range

The benefits of the Groove:


  1. Convenience to simply slip on a supportive thong for hard working and active feet.

  2. A cooler alternative to a full-coverage shoe, whereby feet are not compromised.


In general, it is always a great idea to refresh your footwear at the beginning of a new training regime, the start of a weather season, or when entering into a new work environment.  If you love that feeling of getting out of enclosed shoes after a long run or day at work on your feet, forget flat and pamper feet with the perfect footwear addition to your post sport recovery or work attire.

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