What Makes A Good Quality School Shoe?

Dec 18, 2020

What Makes A Good Quality School Shoe?

Comfort, support & stability.

With kids spending over 1,500 hours in their school shoes every year, jumping, kicking and running around on multiple surfaces, it is essential to support their developing feet so that they can focus on what's important - school!

Whilst sports shoes are packed with the latest cushioning, stability and technical features, just as much consideration needs to be placed on choosing quality black leather school shoes that also have these features.

But how do you check that the school shoe you're looking at is good for your child's feet? Do your own research when buying school shoes by following our 3 step guide to ensure they have the sports shoe technology your child needs.


3 Step School Shoe Check



Press into the back of the heel with your thumb, it should be firm and not fold in. The heel counter is designed to hold the foot in place. Without a firm support around the ankle, the shoe is not able to support the foot properly.



Hold both ends of the shoe and twist in opposite directions. There should be minimal movement. Torsional stability protects the foot from rolling in or out too far.



Squeeze both ends of the shoe together and look at where it bends. The shoe should be flexible at the toes where the foot naturally bends while walking. If it bends in the middle, it can cause extra stress underneath the foot.


Black Leather School Shoes

All Ascent school shoes use sport shoe technology to pass these three checks. They also come in half sizes & seven different width variations to ensure the perfect match!
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Apex (2E) Black (Male/Senior)

Apex (2E)

Apex (D) Black (Male/Youth)

Apex (D)

Scholar (2A) Black (Female/Senior)

Scholar (2A)

Sustain (2E) Black (Male/Youth)

Sustain (2E)


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